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Who We Are

USSVI Thresher Base Founding

Thresher Base was founded on November 15, 1989 in Portsmouth, NH to perpetuate the memories of the men lost aboard USS Thresher.

USSVI National Convention Host

Thresher Base hosted the annual USSVI National Convention the fall of 1994 at the Sheraton Hotel, Portsmouth, NH.

Member Statistics

Thresher Base consists of 117 Submarine Qualified members and 3 Associate members.


Whether currently Active, Retired, Reserve or a Honorably discharged veteran, we all were and some still are members of the elite underseas fighting force of the United States Navy.


The Submarine Qualification date of our members varies from 1945 to 1998, with two of our members having qualified during WWII.


One our members is currently serving as the COB aboard USS New Hampshire (SSN-778).  37 of our members made a career of, and retired from, the US Navy.


Our members obtained the following high ranks during their service: Rear Admiral, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, Chief Warrant Officer 4, Chief Warrant Officer 3, Command Master Chief, Master Chief Petty Officer, Senior Chief Petty Officer ,Chief Petty Office, First Class Petty Officer, Second Class Petty Officer. Third Class Petty Officers and Seaman.


Nine are Thresher Base founding members including Errol Chase, David Cahill, Roy Pierce, Michael McLean, Harry Fisher, Gordon Wentzell & Herm Stolzenburg.

What We Do

Thresher Base holds six regular meetings per year on the third Saturday of the months of January, March, May, July, September & November.  The July meeting features the annual Holland Club Induction Ceremony & lobster fest. The September meeting supports Albacore Park's Maritime History Day. Thresher Base hosts the Annual USS Thresher Memorial Service, held on the Saturday closest to April 10, the Memorial Day service at Albacore Park and a Wreaths Across America ceremony at Albacore Park the 2nd Saturday in December.


Thresher Base supports USSVI's charter by:

  1. Hosting of the Annual USS Thresher Memorial Services which serves to perpetuate the SUBSAFE legacy of the men lost aboard USS Thresher.
  2. Supporting and promoting the USS Thresher family and former crew members.
  3. Promoting the mission of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
  4. Supporting the crew members on the boats stationed at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
  5. Supporting the mission of the USS Albacore Submarine Museum & the parent non-profit, the Portsmouth Submarine Memorial Association.
  6. Supporting the Portsmouth Council of the United States Navy League including the associated Sea Cadets.
  7. Supporting the activities of our two nearest USSVI Bases, USS Maine Base & Marblehead Base.
  8. Supporting the Pease Greeters who welcome the Armed Forces members who pass through Pease International Airport on their way to or from Afghanistan, Iraq or any other area of conflict.
  9. Supporting Eagle Scout Courts of Honor
  10. Conducting Eternal Patrol Ceremonies for our members who have departed on "Eternal Patrol".


Our members are passionate about their service aboard Submarines, and eager to educate and serve their community.

What We Share

All USSVI members share the bond and camaraderie that comes from Qualifying and Serving aboard US Navy Submarines.


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