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Thresher Base holds six regular meetings per year on the third Saturday of the months of January, March, May, July, September & November.  The July meeting features the annual Holland Club Induction Ceremony & lobster fest. The September meeting supports Albacore Park's Maritime History Day. Thresher Base hosts the Annual USS Thresher Memorial Service, held on the Saturday closest to April 10, the Memorial Day service at Albacore Park and a Wreaths Across America ceremony at Albacore Park the 3rd Saturday in December.


Thresher Base supports USSVI's charter by:

  1. Hosting of the Annual USS Thresher Memorial Services which serves to perpetuate the memories of the 129 men lost aboard USS Thresher and their SUBSAFE legacy. This service brings together the families and former crew of the men lost with those who operate, maintain, build, test and provide quality control for our Nations Submarines. The memorial service is broadcast live on YouTube for those unable to attend in person due to health or travel issues. See Thresher Base's YouTube Streaming Channel to view the current service live.
  2. Supporting and promoting the USS Thresher family and former crew members.
  3. Collaborating with and promoting the mission of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. PNS provides the majority of the content to our Annual USS Thresher Memorial Service, including Master of Ceremonies Gary Hildreth, Deputy Public Affairs Officer and remarks from the current PNS Commanding Officer, Color Guard, Honor Guard, Chaplain and the USN Keynote Speaker. 
  4. Supporting the crew members on the boats stationed at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard by inviting them to our events, and through  Dolphin Pinning Ceremonies where Dolphins are pinned by William Tebo, WWII Submarine Veteran. Crew members serve as ushers for the Annual USS Thresher Memorial Services for the USS Thresher Family & Former Crew.    
  5. Supporting the mission of the USS Albacore Submarine Museum & the parent non-profit, the Portsmouth Submarine Memorial Association. Thresher Base supports three annual events at the USS Albacore Museum including the Memorial Day Service, the Maritime History Day and the Wreaths across America ceremony.
  6. Collaborating with and supporting the activities of the New Hampshire Council of the United States Navy League including the associated four Sea Cadets Units, the Young Marines Unit the MJROTC and the two  NJROTC units located within NH. NH Sea Cadets and Young Marines contribute to the Annual USS Thresher Memorial Service.
  7. Collarborating with and support the activities of our two nearest USSVI Bases, USS Maine Base & Marblehead Base.
  8. Collaborate with and support the activities of the Nautilis Chapter of the Naval Submarine League who support the Submarines at PNS who report to Commander Submarine Squadron TWO
  9. Supporting Eagle Scout Courts of Honor
  10. Conducting Eternal Patrol Ceremonies for our members who have departed on "Eternal Patrol".
  11. Thresher Base member Kevin Galeaz developed a hands on educational "Rig For Dive" program aboard the USS Albacore. This program provides students a simplified Submarine Qualification Card and includes a 45 minute slide presentation along with 1 - 1.5 hours of time aboard USS Albacore in two passes. The first pass is for students to locate color coded valves in each compartment that are located on their Qual Card. The second pass is simulating rigging the ship for dive, followed by simulating a dive, both utilizing proceedures developed for and used on the USS Albacore. Students sit at the planes stations for the rig for dive. With assistance from other Thresher Base members and former USS Albacore Crew Members, the Rig for Dive hands on educational program is a memorable experience. This program is suitable for children over 8 years of age and adults. To schedule a program or for more information please contact Kevin Galeaz via email at Tours pay a group fee to the Albacore Park Museum and start at ~0700 so as not to interfere with the operating hours of the USS Albacore Museum. 


Our members are passionate about their service aboard Submarines, and eager to educate and serve their community. Contact Thresher Base Commander Rich Suitter at for more information.


Check out our Flickr Photo Album collection for images of our members in action at numerous events. Connect to our Facebook page to receive event updates.

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