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Are you considering joining your fellow one hundred Submarine Veterans at Thresher Base? The only requirement for membership is to have earned Submarine Dolphins.


A good way to check us out is by attending the next Thresher Base meeting listed on the home page. You will be welcomed into our brotherhood.


USSVI National dues are $25 annually with the following long term cost saving options:

   5 year term =$115.00

   3 year term =$70.00


In addition, USSVI National offers a lifetime membership with a one time fee dependent on your age:

   76+ yrs = $100.00;

   66 thru 75 yrs = $200

   56 thru 65 yrs = $300.00

   46 thru 55 = $400.00

   Thru 45 yrs = $500


Included in your membership is a subscription to American Submariner magazine.


Thresher Base dues are $15 annually. The $15 is used by Thresher Base to fund its annual activities including it's website, newsletter mailings, and the costs incurred for the Annual USS Thresher Memorial Services.


If you would like to try us out for a year, the total due would be $40 of which $25 would be sent to USSVI National, and $15 would be placed in the Thresher Base operating fund.


To join, click on the form image below. Fill out the form with the USSVI National membership option selected and print. Mail the form with a check made out the USSVI Thresher Base in an amount that includes both National and Thresher Base dues to our Base Treasurer:


USSVI Thresher Base Treasurer Dave Webster

2 Gerald's Drive

  South Berwick, ME  03908


If you have questions regarding the membership process, Dave can be reached via phone at 207-451-3724 or via email at

Membership Application Form


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