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55th Annual USS Thresher Memorial Service


Invitations, RSVPs & Name Tags



Invitations & RSVPs


Formal invitations were mailed to USS Thresher family & former crew members, community leaders and leaders from  the Submarine community in the Portsmouth/Kittery regional area on Monday, February 2.


USSVI members have received  an invitation from Thresher Base via a USSVI POC. Invitations were placed on various Submarine related Facebook pages including Cold War Submarine Veterans.


All USS Thresher family and former crew member memorial service attendees are required to RSVP by March 10, 2018 with the complete names of those in your party to Thresher Base Commander Kevin Galeaz via email at, or by phone: 603.268.0420. If you have not yet provided your RSVP, please do so ASAP as it will impact the order of the roses, post service refreshments & name tag creation.


Current & former PNS employees, media and anyone else who has a connection to USS Thresher may request an invitation from Thresher Base Commander Kevin Galeaz via email at or by phone: 603.268.0420.



Name Tags


To help others quickly learn who you are, Thresher Base is making custom name tags for all USS Thresher family and former crew members who have sent their RSVP. Photos of the men lost will be included on the family name tags. Name tag creation will be automated this year to save us time by utilizing the self-service USS Thresher Family & Former Crew Database Google Docs forms you filled out for each member in your family. If you have not yet filled out a form, please do so ASAP as we will be creating the name tags shortly.


For the men lost aboard USS Thresher who lack family representation at this years service, name tags will be printed that include their photo, name and rank. These will be provided to crew members of  USS Jack (SSN-605) who are holding their reunion coincident with the 55th as well as other Submarine Veterans who register as representatives utilizing the


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