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55th Annual USS Thresher Memorial Service


USS Thresher Family Member Story Boards

USSVI Thresher Base was chartered to perpetuate the memories of the men lost aboard USS Thresher.


To permit all families the opportunity to share their memories of their loved ones, USS Thresher family members are encouraged to create storyboards to exhibit prior to the ceremony.


In addition to providing media a focal point,  storyboards also facilitate communication between Submarine Veterans who served with the men lost, giving family members perspectives they may have never heard before.


The photos to the right show the storyboards from the 49th. USS Thresher Memorial Service.  Note the variance in presentation format. Some used tri-fold boards, some easels, and some used digital photo frames.


The goal of your storyboard is to show who your Father was as a young man, as a Father and as a USS Thresher Crew Member, US Navy Observer, PNS employee or Civilian contractor. Recommended content includes photos of your Father through boyhood, in the Navy, at work and when he and your Mom married. Photos showing your Father with you and your siblings are perfect. If you have letters from your Dad to your Mom, include them as well. Consider including each of your memories.


Storyboards can be brought to R.W. Traip either Friday evening (April 6th) between 1600 to 1700, or prior to the ceremony on Saturday, April 7th.


If you have any questions about content, format, or setup at the R. W. Traip Academy please contact Thresher Base Commander Kevin Galeaz at or call 603.785.6464



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