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58th Annual USS Thresher Memorial Service

Virtual (Zoom)

April 10, 2021

On Saturday, April 10, 2021, the virtual 58th Annual USS Thresher Memorial Service hosted by USSVI Thresher Base was held on Zoom honoring the loss of 129 crew members, US Naval Submarine Officer Observers, and civilian support personnel aboard the USS Thresher during sea trials off the New England coast 58 years ago on April 10, 1963.


Video of the service can be viewed on our YouTube account


Program details are found in the 58th USS Thresher Memorial Service Program. memorial service program.

Special thanks to the following who contributed to making  this unique virtual ceremony a success:

  • Captain David Ettlich, Commander, PNS , Keynote Speaker
  • Gary Hildreth, Joel Messer & Scott Hanson, PNS Public Affairs for the PNS Video
  • Patricia Violette, Executive Director, Albacore Park: Reader
  • Portsmouth Submarine Museum Association BOD's
  • Jessica Parker, Reader
  • Ellen, John, Jeremy & Emma Currier: Wreath Laying Ceremony
  • Peter VanPelt: Family Speaker & video editing
  • Lori Arsenault & Deb Henderson: Video performances of Star Spangled Banner & Eternal Father
  • Patrick Boyle, Piper: Performing the 345 The Fallen, written by the Red Hot Chile Pipers
  • Steve Cirillo, Portsmouth High School
  • Maddoc Johnson, Portsmouth High School Trumpeter for Taps
  • USSVI Thresher Base Memorial Service Planning Committee
    • John McArdle, Commander, USSVI Thresher Base: Tolling of the Bells Ceremony Planning
    • Herm an Bautzman, JVC, USSVI Thresher Base: Reader
    • David Webster, Treasurer, USSVI Thresher Base: Funding
    • Robert Flannery, COB, USSVI Thresher Base: Wreath, Roses & Bell Tolling.
    • Steven Cook, USSVI Thresher Base for Albacore Park computer support.
    • George Stevens, USSVI Thresher Base Trumpeter for Taps
    • Robin Galeaz : Wreath laying video
    • Kevin Galeaz, Planning Committee Chairman, Event Promotion




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