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  • USSVI Thresher Base Facts

    Thresher Base was founded on November 15, 1989 in Portsmouth, NH to perpetuate the memories of the men lost aboard USS Thresher.

  • USSVI National Convention Host

    Thresher Base hosted the annual USSVI National Convention the fall of 1994 at the Sheraton Hotel, Portsmouth, NH.

  • Membership Roles

    Thresher Base consists of 91 Submarine Qualified members and 4 Associate members.

  • Members Highest Rank

    Our members obtained the following high ranks during their service: 1 Rear Admiral, 1 Captain, 1 Commander, 1 Lieutenant Commander, 5 Lieutenants, 3 Chief Warrant Officers, 5 Master Chief Petty Officers, 7 Senior Chief Petty Officers, 8 Chief Petty Officers, 9 First Class Petty Officers, 24 Second Class Petty Officers, 22 Third Class Petty Officers and 1 Seaman.

  • Members Submarine Qualification

    The Submarine Qualification date of our members varies from 1944 to 2001, with 6 of our members having qualified during WWII.


    The Submarine that had the greatest number (4) of Thresher Base members who earned their Dolphins aboard her was USS SEA OWL (SS-405), followed by 3 members each for the Submarines USS CAVALLA (SS244), USS CONGOR (SS-477), and USS IREX (SS-482).

  • US Navy Retired Members


    Thirty two of our members made a career of, and retired from, the US Navy.

  • USSVI Seniority

    The member with the longest USSVI tenure is Treasurer Dennis O’Keeffe.

  • What We Do

    Thresher Base holds six regular meetings per year on the third Saturday of the months of January, March, May, July, September & November.  The July meeting features the annual Holland Club Ceremony & lobster fest. Additionaly, Thresher Base hosts  the Annual USS Thresher Memorial Service, held on the Saturday closest to April 10,  and a Memorial Day service at Albacore Park.

  • What We Share

    All USSVI members share the bond and camaraderie that comes from Qualifying and serving aboard US Navy Submarines.

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